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  EMISSION DU 06/11/2005

Artiste Track Album Label

1 the duke spirit fades the sun cuts across the land loog

1 the moaners flannery said dark snack yep roc

3 lunar davorava grana turbo moonlee

4 part chimp war machine i am come rock action

5 the willowz questionaire are coming sympathy for the record industry

5 amp implosion us very friendly

6 amp remember get there/remember 7'' linda's strange vacation

6 amp eternity sirènes linda's strange vacation

6 eau claire freefall eau claire clairecords

6 jessica bailiff shadow live on vpro radio 7'' brainwashed

8 next exit to nowhere sister ego to echoes interstellar

8 pixies allison bossanova 4ad

8 bright channel final stretch bright channel flight approved

8 part chimp punishment ride i am come rock action

8 my education snake in the grass italian thirty ghosts

8 a frames negative a frames sub pop

8 seasick loser's soliloquy v/a: compilation jaune orange vol.3 jaune orange

8 liars they don't want your coin - they want your kide they were wrong, so we drowned mute

8 the fall youwanner fall heads roll slogan

8 old time relijun war is over lost light k

8 hammock always wishing you were somewhere else stranded under endless sky hammock music

8 part chimp dr horse pt 2 i am come rock action

8 et sans les courbes sanglantes entendues de l'organe trop vraiment halluciné par noussss touss les trous de vos crânes alien8

Artiste: part chimp
Album: i am come
Label: rock action


Artiste: amp
Album: get there/remember 7''
Label: linda's strange vacation
Track(s): remember

Artiste: amp
Album: sirènes
Label: linda's strange vacation
Track(s): eternity

Artiste: amp
Album: us
Label: very friendly
Track(s): implosion


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