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  EMISSION DU 03/07/2005

Artiste Track Album Label

1 sleater-kinney the fox the woods sub pop

1 midnight movies love or a lesson midnight movies emperor norton

3 the suicidal birds better of z-list transformed dreams

4 six.by seven around left luggage at the peveril hotel saturday night sunday morning

5 the evens sara lee the evens dischord

5 pretty girls make graves modern day emma goldman good health matador

6 amp implosion us very friendly

6 scout niblett not to death kidnapped by neptune too pure

6 mono "halo" one note dub remix (by dj olive the audio janitor) new york soundtracks arena rock

6 the d4 sake bomb out of my head flying nun

8 the a-lines four you can touch sympathy for the record industry

9 help she can´t swim i don't need you fashionista super dance troupe fantastic plastic

9 greyscale silicon and steel cruel machine camera obscura

9 yo la tengo barnaby, hardly working prisoners of love matador

9 car crash gemini v/a: bear rock festival 2005 bear rock

9 the suicidal birds summerset sun z-list transformed dreams

9 icewater scandal shiny gold no handle the social registry

9 tarentel open letter to hummingbirds paper white temporary residence limited

9 die monitr batss spread yr legs, release the batss youth controllers dim mak

9 the buff medways karen with a c medway wheelers damaged goods

9 bassholes purple moon bassholes dead canary

9 electrelane those pockets are people axes too pure

9 electrelane the partisan axes too pure

10 the kills love is a deserter no wow domino

10 scraps of tape wright is rong read between the lines at all the times tender version

10 the ex theme from konono turn ex

10 the suicidal birds me animal z-list transformed dreams

10 50 foot wave sally is a girl golden ocean 4ad

Artiste: the suicidal birds
Album: z-list
Label: transformed dreams

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