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  EMISSION DU 26/06/2005

Artiste Track Album Label

1 hang on the box summer time di di di bad news

1 girls against boys basstation you can't fight, what you can't see jade tree

3 amp opening us very friendly

4 the buff medways the man i am medway wheelers damaged goods

5 midnight movies love or a lesson midnight movies emperor norton

5 the fall blindness interim hip priest

7 yo la tengo swing for life prisoners of love matador

7 sleater-kinney jumpers the woods sub pop

7 amp get here us very friendly

7 k j.k. spinnel k autoproduction

9 fantômas 04/03/05 sunday suspended animation ipecac

10 tom sweetlove ysaye ysaye v/a: compilation jaune orange vol 3 jaune orange

10 enablers pauly's days in cinema end note neurot

10 bidibop contact snapshot carte postale

10 amen ra offrande this is body of christ v/a: split cd w/ vuur, gameness, gantz, amen ra heart on fire

10 eyston you is she v/a: compile #1 heart on fire

10 the locust armless and overactive safety second, body last ipecac

10 domotic i hate you for ever ask for tiger active suspension

10 cul de sac on the roof of the world live @ bozar, bruxelles 21/05/05 -

10 navel laying out meridians and giving names to planets lunokhod partycul system

10 breather resist an insomniac complexion charmer jade tree

10 v.o. the bird tragedy pictures matamore

10 amp you say us very friendly

Artiste: amp
Album: us
Label: very friendly

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