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  EMISSION DU 27/05/2012

Artiste Track Album Label

1 shellac boycott excellent italian greyhound touch and go

2 roomrunner super vague super vague fan death

3 tales of murder and dust hypnotized narcissist hallucination of beauty autoproduction

4 fordamage throwning stones volta desviada kithybong

5 calva swamp king sacrifice a tant rêver du roi

6 jesus is my son no man´s land 1914-1918 ff hhh

7 charalambides desecrated exile kranky

7 shit and shine mermuda triangle jream baby jream riot season

7 dark times fakes dark times 7" sheep chase

7 electric jellyfish trouble coming down trouble coming down twin lakes

10 new bleeders blockhead new bleeders autoproduction

11 future of the left sheena is a t-shirt salesman sheena is a t-shirt salesman xtra mile

11 unsane no chance wreck alternative tentacles

11 tales of murder and dust when she takes a hold of you hallucination of beauty autoproduction

11 fordamage the border volta desviada kithybong

11 capillary action pocket protection is essential so embarassing discorporate

11 the zonnhaider´s club the sea and the bay chronology 2002-2010 discorporate

11 broken.heart.collector eisenwaltzer broken.heart.collector discorporate

11 don vito electric mayhem iii discorporate

11 don vito jean-luc cora iv discorporate

12 osis krull spider ryder v/a: sampler 2009 "freedom to chaos" discorporate

12 zarboth wilderness v/a: sampler 2009 "freedom to chaos" discorporate

12 za! bomboklat #2: egli na bomboklat megaflow discorporate

12 the standard season a seadog grotesque squeeze me ahead of line discorporate

12 dÿse sonne glänzt v/a: sampler 2009 "freedom to chaos" discorporate

12 fordamage hero worship volta desviada kithybong

12 tales of murder and dust silence hallucination of beauty autoproduction

Artiste: tales of murder and dust
Album: hallucination of beauty
Label: autoproduction

Artiste: fordamage
Album: volta desviada
Label: kithybong

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