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  EMISSION DU 25/09/2011

Artiste Track Album Label

1 white hills the condition of nothing h-p1 thrill jockey

2 the shrapnelles my mom is hot asscalibur 7" hozac

3 object shout on the edge of the void star8line

4 the forks 9 the forks maximum douglas

5 the duke spirit surrender bruiser fiction

5 k-branding blurred vision alliance humpty dumpty

6 cellos the greys bomb shelter autoproduction

6 omega massif karpatia karpatia denovali

6 ultraphallus pathological freemind verse sowberry hagan riot season

6 ema marked past life martyred saints souterrain transmissions

8 leather moyamensing killers wretch fan death

9 organic sequence of my projector demo autoproduction

9 object parasite on the edge of the void star8line

9 nox doppler effect freaks depot 214

9 kamp! tristesse royale thales one ep -

9 the car is on fire north by northwest lake & flames emi poland

9 dezerter wschodni front decydujace starcie -

9 tryp wêdrowka ludow kochanowka -

9 asia i koty neurotic asia i koty ep nasiono

9 blindead impulse impulse ep mystic production

10 moja adrenalina kij nietderuje - bije tone industria

10 enablers rue girardon blown realms and stalled explosions exile on mainstream

10 object the same you in another when on the edge of the void star8line

Artiste: object
Album: on the edge of the void
Label: star8line

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