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  EMISSION DU 14/03/2010

Artiste Track Album Label

1 pixies i bleed doolittle 4ad

2 medusa snare ixtab cinderella squirrel

3 archie bronson outfit magnetic warrior coconut domino

4 best coast feeling of love make you mine 7" group tightener

5 rolo tomassi i love turbulence hysterics hassle

6 cacaw pazuzu get a brain 12" permanent

7 spectrum war sucks war sucks ep mind expansion

7 the asteroid #4 losing touch with my mind v/a: a tribute to spacemen 3 rocket girl

7 bardo pond call the doctor v/a: a tribute to spacemen 3 rocket girl

7 amp so hot! v/a: a tribute to spacemen 3 rocket girl

10 pterodactyl share the shade worldwild jagjaguwar

11 a place to bury strangers everything always goes wrong exploding head mute

11 foxes in boxes archavin better beheaded honest house

11 archie bronson outfit you have right to a mountain life / one up on yourself coconut domino

11 anne sylvestre non, tu n´as pas de nom comment je m´appelle epm

11 evangelista you are jaguar prince of truth constellation

11 broken water mother boyfriend hole 7" autoproduction

11 el dinah mortarshell esperento autoproduction

11 archie bronson outfit harness (bliss) coconut domino

Artiste: archie bronson outfit
Album: coconut
Label: domino

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