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  EMISSION DU 07/03/2010

Artiste Track Album Label

1 frankie rose thee only one thee only one slumberland

2 the ax who wears the crown our queen of dirt whoa! boat

3 pygmy shrews deep xuxa the egyptian 12" wantage usa

4 the album leaf within dreams a chorus of storytellers sub pop

5 broken water mother boyfriend hole 7" autoproduction

6 blood red shoes light it up fire like this v2

7 foxes in boxes sonic cities better beheaded honest house

7 the voices nobody knows the way i feel the voices my kung fu

7 suntan king felix send you home kimchee

7 ostinato goal of all believers chasing the form exile on mainstream

10 cacaw the monster´s salty tears get a brain 12" permanent

11 dd/mm/yyyy real eyes black square we are busy bodies

11 quiet sadder day night fever the grammar of night autoproduction

11 chevreuil bastogne chateauvallon ruminance

11 pygmy shrews please brain drugs the egyptian 12" wantage usa

11 greymachine vultures descend disconnected hydra head

11 liars the overachievers sisterworld mute

11 rso drownin´ row parkway steel

11 casse brique marcel larsen glumor honest house

11 medusa snare ixtab cinderella squirrel

12 deaf wish deaf news deaf news 7" stained circles

12 scout niblett just do it the calcination of scout niblett drag city

12 pygmy shrews crud monger the egyptian 12" wantage usa

12 pontiak sea voids sea voids thrill jockey

Artiste: pygmy shrews
Album: the egyptian 12"
Label: wantage usa


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