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  EMISSION DU 30/07/2006

Artiste Track Album Label

1 the fall the birmingham school of business school code: selfish cog-sinister

1 ligament i want to take you outside halfway between san juan & mendoza kitty kitty

3 serena-maneesh drain cosmetics serena-maneesh playlouder

4 megan reilly on a plane let your ghost go carrot top

5 guitar sakura coming tokyo onitor

5 sonic youth james run free rather ripped geffen

7 bardo pond isle ticket crystals atp

7 holly golightly you've got too much going for you laugh it up! damaged goods

7 mudhoney it is us under a billion suns sub pop

7 lawrence wasser disco banana 2 disco banana les disques du succès

10 viva l´american death ray music! needle to the heart of the matter in the meantime... transsolar

11 monno pourri error conspiracy

11 ufomammut blind lucifer songs supernatural cat

11 enablers on monk output negative space neurot

11 serena-maneesh behiver ii serena-maneesh playlouder

11 volt voice rallume le dj v/a: massacrés belges - volume i massacrés belges

11 oxes 1 ep ruminance

11 mogwai glasgow mega-snake mr beast pias

11 mclusky who you know mcluskyism too pure

11 th´faith healers new number two peel sessions ba da bing!

11 the charlottes love in the emptiness liar (best of) cherry red

12 motormark we are the public chrome tape digital hardcore

12 souls she said distralia as templar nites dim mak

12 serena-maneesh your blood in mine serena-maneesh playlouder

12 velma store split cd w/ velma - lillayell psychotica

Artiste: serena-maneesh
Album: serena-maneesh
Label: playlouder

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