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  EMISSION DU 30/10/2022

Artiste Track Album Label

1 the klubs put in the nihilists younger brother autoproduction

2 nothingheads 3000 years in showbusiness 3000 years in showbusiness just step sideways

3 thee u.f.o operator ponderous fug gelatinous

4 bedworm something new lagoon autoproduction

5 horsegirl history lesson part 2 history lesson part 2 matador

6 ideal host the conflict the conflict autoproduction

7 ad interim mpipj a series of edits autoproduction

8 stuck do not reply do not reply born yesterday

9 trough uncontrollable dirge crise de foie autoproduction

10 no windows no clue (green song) fishboy something.

11 doused cherrycolacrush cherrycolacrush flesh & bone

12 aerofall p.s. rh hands and moment

13 asbest hubris cyanide a tree in a field

14 rider/horse great innings feed ´em salt ever/never

15 warm exit t.v ultra violence autoproduction

16 girls in synthesis your prayers have changed the rest is distraction own it

17 thee u.f.o impish delight ponderous fug gelatinous

18 bedworm snail lagoon autoproduction

19 splint 145 145 nice swan

20 customer floorboards floorboards / absolutely nothing autoproduction

21 stuart pearce beat sensation beat sensation autoproduction

22 fling ii gliss fling ii autoproduction

23 silver biplanes songs that don´t exist songs that don´t exist wiaiwya

24 the hammer party sterilize earth abides psychic static

25 pigeon core v/a: neues aus der adk billo

26 big|brave carvers, farriers and knaves nature morte thrill jockey

27 psychic graveyard haunted by your bloodline haunted by your bloodline deathbomb arc

28 kara delik it´s okay tamam interceptor editions

29 ghost car basta truly trash one little independent

30 bedworm accordeon lagoon autoproduction

31 thee u.f.o transparent seed ponderous fug gelatinous

Artiste: bedworm
Album: lagoon
Label: autoproduction

Artiste: thee u.f.o
Album: ponderous fug
Label: gelatinous

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