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  EMISSION DU 18/09/2022

Artiste Track Album Label

1 hickeys oneness fragile structure autoproduction

2 the klubs the kid the kid autoproduction

3 new confusion a sense of self a sense of self dirty laundry

4 batbait outside dirty clothes irascible music

5 despondent change other girls too autoproduction

6 tin-ear star song cadastral maps autoproduction

7 wipes disappointement sucks v/a: wipes / dry job split hex

8 metz come on down (feat. joe talbot) come on down sub pop

9 hysteria big empty figure. 1 autoproduction

10 kathryn mohr stranger holly the flenser

11 they are gutting a body of water elephant v/a: an insult to the sport (they are gutting a body of water / a country western split) topshelf

11 r4zzel post-romantic death post-romantic death autoproduction

12 bench press more than that v/a: dr sure´s unusual practice / bench press split marthouse

13 shake chain ru snake chain upset the rhythm

14 new confusion me, julie a sense of self dirty laundry

15 batbait goodboi dirty clothes irascible music

17 delivery baader meinhof forever giving handshakes anti fade

18 beyond the blackout sun is rising from the west sun is rising from the west autoproduction

19 duassemicolcheiasinvertidas das-duas-très iiii gaffer

20 l&s can´t breathe when the vowels fall sérotine

21 dead cosmetics robots on the inside was tust du tarantula tapes

22 stuffed foxes drift songs/motion return yotanka

23 gâtechien asteur asteur (birthday) autoproduction

24 the black angels wilderness of mirrors wilderness of mirrors partisan

25 shit and shine annoyed new confusion rocket

26 gilla band post ryan most normal rough trade

27 threads primitive cinema primitive cinema alphaville

28 porcelain world i know (demo) autoproduction

29 new confusion smell yr. marker a sense of self dirty laundry

30 batbait rock, alternative, zürich - quiet smile dirty clothes irascible music

Artiste: new confusion
Album: a sense of self
Label: dirty laundry

Artiste: batbait
Album: dirty clothes
Label: irascible music

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