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  EMISSION DU 28/08/2022

Artiste Track Album Label

1 soup! daily bread daily bread independent

2 stranded (get in the) #vanlife we are interceptor editions

3 mom´s plate anxiety demos 2 autoproduction

4 rook ruis infinite empty dunk!

5 tan cologne space in the palms earth visions of water labrador

6 occupants weird symbols serpent shine autoproduction

7 vv torso devote lpvvii autoproduction

8 serious business wrong cassette quality control for contemporary tymes 18 is 9

9 koura sleepr sleepr autoproduction

10 traffic at the fish pond traffic at the fish pond the eternal fight between my conscious mind, my unconscious mind and my subconscious mind autoproduction

11 drahla under the glass under the glass captured tracks

11 newtown aces you´re not my god you´re not my god autoproduction

12 grey market filth tomorrow | filth autoproduction

13 rose rage rock creep rock creep /madhouse cheerleaders from hell

14 black math horseman the bough black math horseman profound lore

15 rook white wall infinite empty dunk!

17 le prince harry blitz of bliss it´s getting worse rockerill

18 c.p.r. doll drabness music for pleasure goodbye boozy

19 bonnie trash have you seen her malocchio hand drawn dracula

20 dale kerrigan the water the water trace / untrace

21 cb radio gorgeous human moments tour tape ´22 trouble in mind

22 liquid nails red tint liquid nails the pits

23 kai & the herectics the age of polarity the age of polarity autoproduction

24 electric moon duality v/a: international space station vol. 1 worst bassist

25 the cool greenhouse hard rock potato sod´s toastie melodic

26 rampressure listen to myself listen to myself autoproduction

27 rook voidless infinite empty dunk!

Artiste: rook
Album: infinite empty
Label: dunk!

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