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  EMISSION DU 31/07/2022

Artiste Track Album Label

1 big town dialogue big mistake swirl

2 sweat get ready sweat autoproduction

3 punching swans family misfortunes gameshow skingasm

4 blume what its like waves of love autoproduction

5 the beremy jets druxy devastation somewherecold

6 9-volt velvet the awe of you mirrors autoproduction

7 easy prey the outcome, not the influence unrest hellminded

8 nate cross enemy enemy autoproduction

9 polvaulter painterman move ep autoproduction

10 foyer red pickles pickles autoproduction

11 wombo sour sun fairy rust fire talk

11 deûle creux de la vague démo autoproduction

12 eyes and flys asbestos fiber in a sunbeam manic am tetryon tapes

13 newtown aces power of man power of man autoproduction

14 punching swans murder seance gameshow skingasm

15 blume feel it waves of love autoproduction

17 ogua time rider 2 underground autoproduction

18 extraterrestrials cyber criminal robopunk fistull of failures

19 portable heads smith´s fan omne autoproduction

20 aum xul the golden flower aum xul autoproduction

21 test tones two of hearts six of hearts autoproduction

22 lo seal erika teal mörtel sounds

23 squish! what really happened days of the grumble autoproduction

24 agrabatti quaalude runner beyond the sun echodelick

25 ryba hvert fer ég þá? hvert fer ég þá? autoproduction

26 bite electric chair electric chair autoproduction

27 chat pile tropical beaches, inc. god´s country the flenser

28 punching swans stroke of nuggets gameshow skingasm

29 blume let it happen waves of love autoproduction

Artiste: blume
Album: waves of love
Label: autoproduction

Artiste: punching swans
Album: gameshow
Label: skingasm

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