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  EMISSION DU 10/07/2022

Artiste Track Album Label

1 bad//verb give me a peppermint ep1 autoproduction

2 thee headshrinkers the wild things the wild things autoproduction

3 star party forgetful tour tape 2022 autoproduction

4 party dozen fruits of labour the real work temporary residence ltd

5 tremours on the wall affections little cloud

6 joetsu shore sunset fearless autoproduction

7 girl piss molly´s bedtime molly´s bedtime autoproduction

8 glaas acid rain dance qualm static shock

9 multicult myriad v/a: multicult & child bite split hex

10 real life goblin wits end no brainer autoproduction

11 bedridden bedridden demo autoproduction

11 sequela mourning routine mourning routine autoproduction

12 bring her the last the worst comfort in the shame knife hits

13 m(h)aol bored of men bored of men tulle

14 party dozen major beef the real work temporary residence ltd

15 star party in a dream tour tape 2022 autoproduction

17 flowertown half yesterday half yesterday paisley shirt

18 silverdomes standards nature always wins autoproduction

19 muscle vest god doesn´t love you v/a: muscle vest / struggles in syntax split muzai

20 the mother superior what you reap ire desire catholic morphine

21 clipd beaks heaven falling over in abandon autoproduction

22 dust the gutter the gutter part time

23 néron untiltled 2 démo urticaria

24 extreme shoegaze es3 es3 ovvk

25 copiers fkngpt1 copiers 2 auralgami sounds

26 party dozen balance the real work temporary residence ltd

27 star party can´t explain tour tape 2022 autoproduction

Artiste: star party
Album: tour tape 2022
Label: autoproduction

Artiste: party dozen
Album: the real work
Label: temporary residence ltd

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