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  EMISSION DU 05/06/2022

Artiste Track Album Label

1 dull this is going south this is going south / dive deep down startracks

2 soft bait big big autoproduction

3 sexual jeremy chloe from the strange the real sexual jeremy decoherence

4 horsegirl beautiful song versions of modern performance matador

5 ttssfu in my pocket in my pocket autoproduction

6 midding figurehead figurhead / rain down autoproduction

7 egg™ half dozen poach the lightning autoproduction

8 erica dawn lyle & vice cooler lost in thought land trust: benefit for nefoc autoproduction

9 oldboy big balls bloody agitated

10 joetsu shore time for outrage against the wall autoproduction

11 night ritual night ripper night ripper autoproduction

11 holy reptile yawner yawner autoproduction

12 borrowed atlas end song end song / dwp this could prove fatal

13 suck city going to my boyfriend´s house the diablo iv autoproduction

14 sexual jeremy tragic clown dog the real sexual jeremy decoherence

15 horsegirl the fall of horsegirl versions of modern performance matador

17 georgia knight visualiser hell on bent street cheersquad

18 la sécurité try again try again / suspens mothland

19 cat piss christopher m. cat piss rides again mishap

20 wowza in kalamazoo pedigo why you don´t come around autoproduction

21 better corners ease of brain modern dance gold, vol. 1 the state51 conspiracy

22 flesh machine grindflesh pray to the hive fisher king

23 cellos locked in the stocks locked in the stocks/death zone autoproduction

24 effigy outer sphere oneironaut autoproduction

25 limanenko birth strange gift despot

26 chrome belly happy trail 600x400x69 autoproduction

27 organs stones stones / threading marginal

28 bad pelicans paris eternal life now géographie

29 gaylips managing director managing director autoproduction

30 sexual jeremy bowls of fruit the real sexual jeremy decoherence

31 horsegirl option 8 versions of modern performance matador

Artiste: sexual jeremy
Album: the real sexual jeremy
Label: decoherence

Artiste: horsegirl
Album: versions of modern performance
Label: matador

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