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  EMISSION DU 02/10/2005

Artiste Track Album Label

1 amp opening us very friendly

1 a frames negative a frames sub pop

3 black lipstick b.o.b. f.o.s.s.e. sincerely, black lipstick glitterhouse

4 next exit to nowhere beautiful sunday time ego to echoes interstellar

5 from quagmire between the chores habitats in the wound vhf

5 whitey intro/in the limelight the light at the end of the tunnel is a train 1-2-3-4

6 the mae shi the universal polymath heartbeeps 5rc

6 next exit to nowhere sister ego to echoes interstellar

6 next exit to nowhere the man who slowly walks on the bridge ego to echoes interstellar

6 next exit to nowhere smooth rage ego to echoes interstellar

8 heavy trash yeah baby heavy trash yep roc

8 help she can´t swim i don't need you fashionista super dance troupe fantastic plastic

8 melt-banana moon flavor teeny shiny a-zap

8 black lipstick ... sincerely, black lipstick glitterhouse

8 port royal jeka flares resonant

8 autolux sugarless future perfect full time hobby

8 lali puna past machine i thought i was over that - rare, remixed and b-sides morr

8 hrsta folkways orange stem stem in electro constellation

8 the duke spirit cuts across the land cuts across the land loog

8 the evens shelter two the evens dischord

8 black lipstick the bad catholic sincerely, black lipstick glitterhouse

8 next exit to nowhere basic things (are quite simple) - unreleased track - autoproduction

Artiste: black lipstick
Album: sincerely, black lipstick
Label: glitterhouse

Artiste: next exit to nowhere
Album: ego to echoes
Label: interstellar


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