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  EMISSION DU 10/04/2022

Artiste Track Album Label

1 lime crush park timewaster fettkakao

2 shake chain mike shake chain live permanent slump

3 scrunchies the houseplant feral coast dirtnap

4 gnod skies are red hexen valley rocket

5 horsegirl world of pots and pans versions of modern performance matador

6 faience knife when? when? autoproduction

7 anorak patch paris will be paid for by cousin sam nice swan

8 https bees, flies great wave autoproduction

9 kalaallit nunaat pressure texoprint glove compartment

10 shelf lives i dont´t think i´ll go out today yes, offence not sorry mom

11 eric in the kitchen the things you do no more the things we do no more autoproduction

11 oxyjane i wanted you 0 2 9 numavi

12 wet leg being in love wet leg domino

13 mote follow me clinomania / follow me autoproduction

14 scrunchies torrini decorating feral coast dirtnap

15 gnod antidepressants hexen valley rocket

17 the cold vein what you´ve become simple tricks more voodoo sounds haarlem likes vinyl

18 supplemental pills run on volume 1 in music we trust

19 night rites dark patterns dark patterns spaceflight

20 courting tennis tennis pias

21 avale les chiens avale neutral

22 kinex kinex loopback artéfact autoproduction

23 ghxst marry the night admire autoproduction

24 wsm salamander mad autoproduction

25 krause the stuff of tired eyes the art of fatigue venerate industries

26 naja naja dong dong naja naja wharf cat

27 monolithe noir finvus rin capitane

28 scrunchies absolute maximum feral coast dirtnap

29 gnod waves of fear hexen valley rocket

Artiste: scrunchies
Album: feral coast
Label: dirtnap

Artiste: gnod
Album: hexen valley
Label: rocket

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