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  EMISSION DU 27/03/2022

Artiste Track Album Label

1 crime of passing tender fixation crime of passing future shock

2 snitsh pitsh rosie coaster snitsh pitsh of bits & pieces

3 ioana iorgu painkillers painkillers autoproduction

4 kevin malawi aftermath riot season

5 total wife mid-fi mid-fi / pink and blue warehaus

6 dreamscene valentine idle autoproduction

7 weak signal don´t think about it war and war colonel

8 spoolgun piss test love ugly autoproduction

9 model citizen catacomb, sweet home model citizen autoproduction

10 knauff ok bob, now we´re even demo (to walk the dog to) autoproduction

11 runo plum catching a fly jupiter autoproduction

11 point no point are you ok? bad vibes in mushroom forest späti palace

12 ghxst pls, you must be a dream admire autoproduction

13 otoboke beaver pardon? super champion damnably

14 the new era new//era happy crisis youthxattack

15 geo night fiction night fiction b/w sight my thoughts autoproduction

17 kevin aglae aftermath riot season

18 halo noose fire magical flight ep / the druid ep echodelick

19 imaginary points rabid fast rabid fast autoproduction

20 it it anita reset mascara vicious circle

21 gong wah baby, won´t you come along a second tonzonen

22 sixty cycle hum this is middle age 60 cycle autoproduction

23 girdle marzipan demo autoproduction

24 tvivler dagdrommer kilogram fysisk format

25 loser magnet physical empty year autoproduction

26 here the captain speaking, the captain is dead asymmetric sequence (extended version) v/a: grados. minuts. segundos. spinda

27 grocer mountain home numbers game grind select

28 true champions ride on speed boratio hars fons

29 kevin monk aftermath riot season

30 dunes slugfest one day there will be no monday autoproduction

Artiste: kevin
Album: aftermath
Label: riot season

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