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  EMISSION DU 13/03/2022

Artiste Track Album Label

1 rip room complication alright and resound spartan

2 pit pony black tar black tar clue

3 tooms pink fake teeth colin

4 gu vo the landing gu vo sentencia

5 caution fuck it up arcola born yesterday

6 horsegirl anti-glory versions of modern performance matador

7 crows garden of england beware believers bad vibrations

8 vendettas never for you never for you cowboy à la mode

9 stuart pearce failing sovjet state perestroika 2.1 autoproduction

10 lost luna i didn´t mean to be mean wish upon a star kitchen leg

11 inner mirror azaran azaran autoproduction

11 for breakfast heavy horse museum trapped in the big room glasshouse

12 coughin vicars doomsday lottery communion autoproduction

13 meat wave honest living honest living big scary monsters

14 tooms stringray fake teeth colin

15 gu vo bullit gu vo sentencia

17 night collectors transmissions one thousand years / transmissions debacle

18 loop aurora sonancy cooking vinyl

19 cocaine piss bad kid bad kid autoproduction

20 tres leches cop out fósil devil in the woods

21 delirium. face down ass up that´s the way we like to camp couch. autoproduction

22 kraus jigsaw eyes escapes view no country

23 rancho relaxo black soft death spirit of ecstasy trout as lubbrication

24 model stress smartest in the room model stress autoproduction

25 pop music fever dream it´s not that serious songs for promoters autoproduction

26 blood rhythms living words (featuring joan pope) mirage against concrete personal archives

27 moe silver lining the crone vinter

28 baby fire a spell grace off

29 tooms not in love with the times fake teeth colin

30 gu vo mud gu vo sentencia

Artiste: tooms
Album: fake teeth
Label: colin

Artiste: gu vo
Album: gu vo
Label: sentencia

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