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  EMISSION DU 20/02/2022

Artiste Track Album Label

1 legless trials i sobered up legless on main street metal postcard

2 cold comfort i shot the messenger suck my blood (please don´t) / i shot the messenger die das der

3 die! die! die! is darren there this is not an island anymore melted ice cream

4 catcher behind a bleeding heart the fat of a broken heart autoproduction

5 sneers. black earth shining tales for violent days god unknown

6 judith babaka the lost songs (2021) autoproduction

7 magic shoppe looking right through mono lake cardinal fuzz

8 last quokka cue cue autoproduction

9 prayer group numbers michael dose reptilian

10 plebah untitled #15 plebah sweet ohm

11 chlorinefields finally chlorinefields autoproduction

11 widowspeak the jacket the jacket captured tracks

12 pom poko time this is our house bella union

13 the legless crabs pleiades pleiades autoproduction

14 die! die! die! never tire looking at the sun this is not an island anymore melted ice cream

15 catcher fallen stones the fat of a broken heart autoproduction

17 crows room 156 beware believers bad vibrations

18 thee headshrinkers sweet caroline sweet caroline autoproduction

19 glands generic waste generic waste autoproduction

20 bad bed claudine´s stroboscopic phobia the globus pilgrim autoproduction

21 the space spectrum some 90s noise rock archives: drone jams vol. iii autoproduction

22 bodega stand beeldje op de console statuette on the console what´s your rupture?

23 unik ubik i´m not feng shui i´m not feng shui humpty dumpty

24 ze wisenheimer costs more now crimea river autoproduction

25 children of leir writing on the wall untitled (vox cover) return to disorder

26 snapped ankles barbecue in brazil barbecue in brazil the leaf label

27 moe beautiful stranger the crone vinter

28 catcher cluster flies the fat of a broken heart autoproduction

29 die! die! die! imagine spending so long making other people feel like shit this is not an island anymore melted ice cream

Artiste: catcher
Album: the fat of a broken heart
Label: autoproduction

Artiste: die! die! die!
Album: this is not an island anymore
Label: melted ice cream

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