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  EMISSION DU 30/01/2022

Artiste Track Album Label

1 loose fit social graces social graces fat cat

2 mules clapping for carers clapping for carers halfmeltedbrain

3 perennial in the midnight hour in the midnight hour autoproduction

4 boucan ravages boucan vox project

5 euroboy + alicia breton ferrer reading glasses sacrificial chanting mood glove compartment

6 ellah a. thaun king felix arcane majeur deux autoproduction

7 shoun shoun toxic monsters & heroes autoproduction

8 prayer group speculative fiction michael dose reptilian

9 occupants the nothing the nothing autoproduction

10 thank dread thoughtless cruelty box

11 camel moon words better run autoproduction

11 plein air album waited plein air album autoproduction

12 young prisms honeydew drifter fire talk

13 tramhaus karen is a punk i don´t sweat subroutine

14 boucan iiiiii!!!!!! boucan vox project

15 perennial melody for a new cornet in the midnight hour autoproduction

17 print head in motion in motion autoproduction

18 dormition loose equality e.p. 2 autoproduction

19 death parade somewhere to stay it was worth it to love, though it hurt so bad halfshell

20 fruit of looops red/square last chance at the pharmacy torn light

21 la colonie de vacances les chiens echt vicious circle

22 pathetic hindsight redudant already autoproduction

23 lewsberg six hills six hills speedy wunderground

24 bitter branches plastic tongues your neighbors are failures equal vision

25 tue viagra subutex viagra subutex autoproduction

26 teresa winter drowning by numbers pt. ii drowning by numbers the death of rave

27 bas jan too good to be true baby u know lost map

28 boucan la mélodie du bonheur boucan vox project

29 perennial hour of the wolf in the midnight hour autoproduction

30 hater something sincere fire

Artiste: perennial
Album: in the midnight hour
Label: autoproduction

Artiste: boucan
Album: boucan
Label: vox project

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