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  EMISSION DU 09/01/2022

Artiste Track Album Label

1 miserable things purple and gold 2022 autoproduction

2 les belmondo rue st. honoré rue st. honoré we were never being boring collective

3 bad static ectoplasm nightmares cherry cyanide autoproduction

4 self improvement fear & power visible damage autoproduction

5 an ocean of embers flashes of your first kiss flashes of your first kiss ovvk

6 joetsu shore second start svalbard calling autoproduction

7 audiobaton nothing to prove nothing to prove // new windows autoproduction

8 salo algeria from melmac with hate bigoût

9 most efficient women slow fella eating the hawk autoproduction

10 torpors sense of self tv genius autoproduction

11 yellow bulb. gleunn barrier hole one last year autoproduction

11 golden hours run man run golden hours autoproduction

12 surmland sound science e-kaali jatkaa 57mg

13 neu noise listening qtvpv autoproduction

14 yammerer next-none-hitter next-none-hitter autoproduction

15 self improvement shapes visible damage autoproduction

17 widowspeak everything is simple the jacket captured tracks

18 the klittens herkenbosch herkenbosch autoproduction

19 the swamp donkeys little spoon testicular spectacular autoproduction

20 septic clearance septic autoproduction

21 badge grabber lipstick on a pig lipstick on a pig mute city cinema

22 neon heart toppar livet/ytan autoproduction

23 io audio recordings awaiting the elliptic drift awaiting the elliptic drift echodelick

24 plebs acid stare acid stare autoproduction

25 dödsriket feber döden genom vatten autoproduction

26 nowhere fool e.p. autoproduction

27 delwood ultimate delwood honest house

28 weak signal the ruling class (is monstruous) best friend autoproduction

29 yard act rich the overload an island

30 self improvement fetishes visible damage autoproduction

31 hosanna stnxry the lost summer ep autoproduction

Artiste: self improvement
Album: visible damage
Label: autoproduction

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