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  EMISSION DU 17/10/2021

Artiste Track Album Label

1 sprints a modern job a modern job nice swan

2 namesake population redeeming features get better

3 partaker last of us what falls from the lion´s mouth the ghost is clear

4 porto geese aigri geese duck sheep chase

5 foam giant miami snowband acetate parade autoproduction

6 yendrush university song power chord trash bullshit fuck it whatever autoproduction

7 discreetband a nice home (a dead dog) discreet - four song promo 2021 autoproduction

8 bronson arm his ilk his ilk off white house

9 the klittens canned air canned air autoproduction

10 plum green raspberry vine somnambulistic nefarious industries

11 undone expressions the central farm autoproduction

11 primitive broadcast service word is a virus colors of chameleons autoproduction

12 rid of me travelling travelling the ghost is clear

13 the byker grove fan club ren man the byker grove fan club autoproduction

14 partaker amalgam what falls from the lion´s mouth the ghost is clear

15 porto geese every day every day duck sheep chase

17 memes easy night easy night autoproduction

18 disso!ver aerosole lagerkoller autoproduction

19 pilot voyager dark flood roadtrip to fantazery psychedelic source

20 the guilty pleasures komplot komplot dushtu

21 stakattak purple decoy rockerill

22 fs massaker disco lesson megacut econore

23 scavenger parade red silk void upheaval autoproduction

24 the psychotic monks confusions private meaning first vicious circle

25 naked objects marks3 marks ep autoproduction

26 deep tan tamu´s yiffing refuge tamu´s yiffing refuge speedy wunderground

27 cumgirl8 bugs ripcumgirl8 pero arcade

28 gnod regimental la mort du sens rocket

28 partaker approval record what falls from the lion´s mouth the ghost is clear

29 porto geese flower duck sheep chase

Artiste: porto geese
Album: duck
Label: sheep chase

Artiste: partaker
Album: what falls from the lion´s mouth
Label: the ghost is clear

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