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  EMISSION DU 26/09/2021

Artiste Track Album Label

1 man or astro-man? space 1991 space 1991 chunklet industries

2 the biscuits running she´s strong no label

3 heet deth blood! hooray! don´t panic

4 thinking with sand you all know dreams and half truths shore dive

5 shalloboi don´t want to dream don´t want to dream autoproduction

6 deerhoof scarcity is manufactured actually, you can joyful noise

7 ugh! tincanman plushy pylons autoproduction

8 goya format being earnest autoproduction

9 surfbort fml keep on truckin´ inner freak

10 rider/horse chime inn select trials ever/never

11 m(h)aol gender studies gender studies tulle

11 mandy, indiana bottle episode ... ep fire talk

12 bazaar big belly monster orange ep grandine

13 bad static freak cherry cyanide autoproduction

13 heet deth we should have a party hooray! don´t panic

14 thinking with sand sfl dreams and half truths shore dive

15 rigs&me this moment, in you this moment, in you autoproduction

17 big bopper broken horseshoe new mutations autoproduction

18 le massacre the idiots the idiots fort moncey

19 king hannah a well-made woman a well-made woman city slang

20 von stroheim men the beautiful, not the damned navalorama

21 work party real charmer my best days are behind me triple eye industries

22 spirals finale sardana autoproduction

23 sei still extrarradio el refugio fuzz club

24 ivan the tolerable & his elastic band night hospital the long year stolen body

25 eazyhead your my reflection/misscommunication your my reflection/misscommunication whitching well

26 iggy pop, matt sweeney european son v/a: i´ll be your mirror: a tribute to the velvet underground & nico verve

27 heet deth planet of the apes hooray! don´t panic

28 thinking with sand too much dreams and half truths shore dive

Artiste: heet deth
Album: hooray!
Label: don´t panic

Artiste: thinking with sand
Album: dreams and half truths
Label: shore dive

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