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  EMISSION DU 05/09/2021

Artiste Track Album Label

1 corker the massage a bell that seems to mourn future shock

2 hot junk burning chrome system decoder autoproduction

3 manic vila universal shelf life who the hell knows? autoproduction

4 flooding pas de lune, pt. ii flooding community gym

5 jessica lea mayfield can you feel it? can you feel it? autoproduction

6 silverbacks wear my medals wear my dedals full time hobby

7 work party average white man my best days are behind me triple eye industries

8 yes i´m leaving worse v/a: yes i´m leaving "worse" & macros "brain tattoo ep" split autoproduction

9 macros iron fucker v/a: yes i´m leaving "worse" & macros "brain tattoo ep" split autoproduction

10 hot garbage sometimes i go down ride mothland

11 buried in roses the message buried in roses swiss dark nights

11 maria taylor it´s coming for you it´s coming for you flower moon

12 black beach traffic jam giallo basement sounds

13 das kapitans treat fall socks on

13 manic vila wretched who the hell knows? autoproduction

14 flooding opportunistic affection flooding community gym

15 rosewilder melancholy melancholy couch dive

17 la femme solitaire bolognese nun musician la femme solitaire autoproduction

18 liines keep on going keep on going autoproduction

19 anyone´s ghost sinking tracks a condition autoproduction

20 x´ed out fouling the nest we all do wrong human worth

21 astral brain treasures the bewildered mind shelflife

22 beak> ah yeh (full lenght version) oh know invada

23 exocomet new mind deceit efficiency autoproduction

24 doms model head model head / evil twin leisure world tapes

25 la jungle du sang du singe fall off the apex black basset

26 warm exit crocodile in my brain warm exit rockerill

27 paperbagman zero space flat lands autoproduction

28 manic vila q who the hell knows? autoproduction

28 flooding delayed grattification flooding community gym

Artiste: manic vila
Album: who the hell knows?
Label: autoproduction

Artiste: flooding
Album: flooding
Label: community gym

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