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  EMISSION DU 08/08/2021

Artiste Track Album Label

1 keg heishaw heishaw autoproduction

2 fashion pimps and the glamazons jazz 4 johnny jazz 4 johnny feel it

3 isoscope in the absence of a guide ten pieces cummunity

4 if so why shoestring lobotomy world eater dirt frame

5 koura soft pedal soft pedal autoproduction

6 lila ehjä troubles autoproduction

7 moon not war godsesx godsesx seayou

8 gloop shadows crayson sun grimoire

9 tunic fake interest quitter artoffact

10 legss hyde park coroner hyde park coroner autoproduction

11 flowertown time trials time trials paisley shirt

11 dummy daffodils mandatory enjoyment trouble in mind

12 boyracer digital friends assuaged emotional response

13 john sibensko powerhouse nocturnal manoeuvres pets care

13 calicoco heal me underneath autoproduction

14 if so why death spoilers world eater dirt frame

15 brianna kelly to behold you v/a: brianna kelly / simpathy faith split whited sepulchre

17 kick feat. scott reeder setting tina setting tina anomic

18 destroy boys locker room bully open mouth, open heart hopeless

19 thurst outrage culture outrage culture autoproduction

20 zahn aykroyd zahn crazysane

21 space program mountain climber forganisms autoproduction

22 pyrex touch touch/conditioner filth pot

23 leslie et ses ami.e.s bury the tears bury the tears autoproduction

24 trigona von graf trigona autoproduction

25 perhaps mad smiles (edit) v/a: acid mother temple & infinity rising zero / perhaps split riot season

26 fake fruit i am the car i am the car autoproduction

27 the umbrellas galine the umbrellas slumberland

28 the lord, robin wattie needle cast needle cast southern lord

28 if so why last times world eater dirt frame

Artiste: if so why
Album: world eater
Label: dirt frame

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