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  EMISSION DU 20/06/2021

Artiste Track Album Label

1 delivery floored yes we do spoilsport

2 spllit amite river spllit sides feel it

3 nag new science six observer autoproduction

4 uv-tv overcast forever always something papercup music

5 stomp talk modstone the locket the locket autoproduction

6 the here todays severed demo 2020 autoproduction

7 orphan goggles dead friends forever perfect specimen whiteworm

8 bronson arm hard pass v/a: off white house records - vol 1 off white house

9 puritans sacred cow puritans autoproduction

10 ov pain daytripping the churning blue of noon it

11 ester poly respect my speck wet hummus

11 shallow waves hollow clones echoes of a collapse green witch

12 leatherette decisions mixed waste we were never being boring collective

13 boy with cow dick mic boy with cow live ep autoproduction

13 nag the darkest veil observer autoproduction

14 uv-tv wildflower always something papercup music

15 la luz in the country in the country hardly art

17 wet leg chaise longue chaise longue domino

18 tvsexdeath rag queen rag queen quickfix

19 mononegatives vision out scope facsimile squirt shit

20 art mate gold shoes the opposite of dancing autoproduction

21 diemen sniep cavern life without adrenaline jaune orange

22 w!zard when the man comes around (johnny cash) v/a: sick sad world volume 2 / anti covid covers sick sad world

23 jealous blackeye lover / what´s your damage? dedstrange

24 lids half twin furniture sub pop

25 mountain movers final sunset world what world trouble in mind

26 blurry the explorer tulip grazing blurry the explorer six degrees

27 nag satellite melody observer autoproduction

28 uv-tv always something always something papercup music

28 the oscillation forever knowing untold futures all time low

Artiste: nag
Album: observer
Label: autoproduction

Artiste: uv-tv
Album: always something
Label: papercup music

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