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  EMISSION DU 25/04/2021

Artiste Track Album Label

1 feet piece & quiet walking machine nice swan

2 the wind-ups too many bibles try not to think mt. st. mtn.

3 newtown aces living in my head the future sound of punk noise kennel

4 big|brave abating the incarnation of matter vital southern lord

5 margaritas podridas púrpura margaritas podridas autoproduction

6 the altered hours all amnesia all amnesia pizza pizza

7 anybodys broken jaw acts of endurance dis-moi

8 mr. plague shapless mass the art of killing myself autoproduction

9 demons full stop privation spartan

10 powerdove machination machination murailles music

11 postcards home is so sad after the fire, before the end t3

11 uv-tv back to nowhere always something papercup music

12 the mistons high water style worlds of convinience autoproduction

13 hard copy big poppy hidden beat birds again

13 newtown aces take back the streets the future sound of punk noise kennel

14 big|brave wited, still and all... vital southern lord

15 one arm city mysore pak atypeek music

17 furrowed brow punctual punk punctual punk notes from underground

18 ghoulies no more bands reprogram goodbye boozy

19 exocomet down at the cross annihilator x autoproduction

20 a place to bury strangers end of the night hologram dedstrange

21 jealous k-hole ii lover / what´s your damage? dedstrange

22 pretty happy sea sea sea sea sea sea autoproduction

23 mad foxes propeller ashamed el muchacho

24 la jungle le jour du cobra fall off the apex black basset

25 milkboy multistable kelder autoproduction

26 dd island f.a.t.f. scaphoid autoproduction

27 newtown aces hey! hey! no way! the future sound of punk noise kennel

28 big|brave vital vital southern lord

Artiste: newtown aces
Album: the future sound of punk
Label: noise kennel

Artiste: big|brave
Album: vital
Label: southern lord

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