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  EMISSION DU 24/01/2021

Artiste Track Album Label

1 grey market batteries deadstock autoproduction

2 the shit missile fuel injected dreams the secret cult of the shit missile khannibalism

3 valse noot friable utter contempt atypeek music

4 tamar aphek russian winter all bets are off exag´

5 julinko no destroyer no destroyer dio drone

6 widowspeak money (hymn) honeychurch captured tracks

7 lumer first is too late disappearing act beast

8 yuka zolo 217 bleed forbidden place

9 anorak patch irate irate nice swan

10 winter sun move move autoproduction

11 polar lows pila pila pila pila autoproduction

11 asenath anyox lose track decay´s way silvis

12 easy prey backwoods nation backwoods nation autoproduction

13 tunic white blinds tunnel vision eyes autoproduction

13 valse noot fearing neither god nor man utter contempt atypeek music

14 tamar aphek all i know all bets are off exag´

15 speed stick and again volume one don giovanni

17 set-top box climb the ladder max headroom weather vane

18 famous logs in history no progress an antenna for the water bottle generation fuzzy warbles cassettes

19 trotski nautique pourrir boucherie wewant2wecord

20 trotski nautique petit chien boucherie wewant2wecord

21 trotski nautique non futur boucherie wewant2wecord

22 melmac.hello moutons le cas très inquiétant de ton cri bisou

23 concrete ships flotilla in observance trepanation

24 jars mechanism iii forbidden place

25 ftr more & more more & more autoproduction

26 vert:x boildhed 2 boildhed autoproduction

27 valse noot pigeonholed utter contempt atypeek music

28 tamar aphek beautiful confusion all bets are off exag´

Artiste: valse noot
Album: utter contempt
Label: atypeek music

Artiste: tamar aphek
Album: all bets are off
Label: exag´

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