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  EMISSION DU 14/08/2005

Artiste Track Album Label

1 adorable favourite fallen idol against perfection creation

1 and you will know us by the trail of dead richter scale madness and you will know us by the trail of dead trance syndicate

3 slowdive when the sun hits souvlaki creation

4 the charlottes stubborn lovehappy the subway organization

5 mazzy star be my angel she hangs brightly capitol

5 the jesus and mary chain teenage lust honey's dead blanco y negro

6 the receptionists laundry song the last letter ba da bing!

6 unwound message received repetition kill rock stars

6 sonic youth white cross sister blast first

6 blonde redhead harmony la mia vita violenta smells like

8 90 day men missouri kids cuss [it[is]it] critical band southern

8 broken dog baby i'm lost without you broken dog big cat

8 southall riot rugby players make good businessmen v/a: audio wonderland - bedroom ambience 3 enraptured

8 paik tinsel and foil corridors beyonder

8 ai phoenix we think you are very brave the driver is dead racing junior

8 beachbuggy science fiction sport fury poptones

8 rites of spring drink deep rites of spring dischord

8 minxus silk purse pabulum too pure

8 the moldy peaches who's got the crack the moldy peaches rough trade

8 cosmic connexion organic break space wave tsunami autoproduction

8 hovercraft phantom limb experiment below blast first

8 libraness face on backwards yesterday and tomorrow's shells tiger style

8 headphone overtone orbit - autoproduction

9 speedking maximum teen travel the fist and the laurels tiger style

9 novak blue chinook novak kitty kitty

9 comet gain why i try to look so bad réalistes milou studios
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