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  EMISSION DU 23/08/2020

Artiste Track Album Label

1 psychic energy sycophantic post nothing autoproduction

2 warm red super bowl decades of breakfast state laughter

3 other half sameness without end big twenty venn

4 a shape echoes iron pourpre atypeek music

5 j. zunz 33:33 hibiscus rocket

6 mi´ens rifft valley future child kill rock stars

7 laboratory 1984ism cumberland arms autoproduction

8 the tunnel collapse condemned/collapse autoproduction

9 heavy harvest skeleton iron lung czar of crickets

10 glàss open concept cont. wilting in mauve warm noise

11 worthitpurchase dizzy age dizzy age autoproduction

11 mister baby moonlight racing sidewalk pop autoproduction

12 lacey spacecake don´t try to save us from us (demo) bedroom demos autoproduction

13 tv face work hard, have fun work hard, have fun autoproduction

13 coffin club rain nowhere nowhere autoproduction

14 other half big wheel big twenty venn

15 a shape morning faces iron pourpre atypeek music

17 grazer intermission i grazer autoproduction

18 annie taylor where the grass is greener sweet mortality taxi gauche

19 silversteel ocean´s grave ocean´s grave autoproduction

20 cherry pickles black hole the juice that´s worth the squeeze pnkslm

21 l.a. witch fire starter play with fire suicide squeeze

22 the wrs 3´s for the lalala the wrs rockerill

23 dreamweapon gloryhole rites of lunacy autoproduction

24 the heliocentrics left to our own devices telemetric sounds madlib invazion

25 the dandruff universal healthcare the dandruff autoproduction

26 dope body curve crack a light drag city

27 other half heads go soft big twenty venn

28 a shape lungs iron pourpre atypeek music

Artiste: a shape
Album: iron pourpre
Label: atypeek music

Artiste: other half
Album: big twenty
Label: venn

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