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  EMISSION DU 31/07/2005

Artiste Track Album Label

1 sleater-kinney the fox the woods sub pop

1 dead combo you don't look so good dead combo output

3 the voices nobody knows the way i feel the voices my kung fu

4 six.by seven wallflower left luggage at the peveril hotel saturday night sunday morning

5 skywave wear this dress synthstatic alison

5 skywave angela's an angel synthstatic alison

6 the telescopes flying the telescopes creation

6 rachel goswell deelay waves are universal 4ad

6 primitives buzz buzz buzz thru the flowers (the anthology) sanctuary

6 the delgados repeat failure peloton chemikal underground

8 tarentel golden state overnight paper white temporary residence limited

8 dreamend murmur as if by ghosts ... grafeface

8 the naked souls victoria shady ways anticlockwise lost

8 the emerald down stars aquarium ep honest in secret

8 swallow head in a cave (remix) blowback 4ad

8 greyscale silicon and steel cruel machine camera obscura

8 amp iconisis us very friendly

8 the workhouse paperplane the end of the pier bearos

8 scraps of tape hands are tied read between the lines at all the times tender version

8 mint 400 white cadillac man gas ep mad minute

8 mono sabath (unholy sabath remix) new york soundtrack arena rock

8 loobke boots water and boots sundays in spring

8 amute pallier ou déséquilibre - -
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