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  EMISSION DU 12/07/2020

Artiste Track Album Label

1 era bleak era bleak era bleak dirt cult

2 repairs pop song repeat, repeat autoproduction

3 trainer simple plan athletic statics fidel bastro

4 par asito relativistic jets singularity dirty filthy

5 jarred stankiewicz sidewalk butler fast car music autoproduction

6 j. zunz y hibiscus rocket

7 abandoncy nashville hot hollow//living the ghost is clear

8 bizon bizon buco bizon garnizon autoproduction

9 col we are a bank pandemic days autoproduction

10 lomarthian unseen unseen imaginal discs

11 mumble bewitched mumble autoproduction

11 mint field contigencia sentimiento mundial felte

12 wax chattels no ties clot captured tracks

13 algernon cornelius gentrify me! gentrify me! autoproduction

13 trainer once in a lifetime athletic statics fidel bastro

14 par asito photon sphere singularity dirty filthy

15 vaguess ethical consumer directions for use: refry

17 fontaines d.c. televised mind a hero´s death partisan

18 the blinders black glass fantasies of a stay at home psychopath modern sky

19 human rites jaaa fore autoproduction

20 pink drone resistor visitors hip slang

21 the illness phrases redacted the illness sea

22 pozi the nightmare 176 prah

23 boar god the tar pits near extinction cuchabata

24 fuco m105 fucoff smartz

25 trainer object noi athletic statics fidel bastro

26 par asito singularity singularity dirty filthy

Artiste: par asito
Album: singularity
Label: dirty filthy

Artiste: trainer
Album: athletic statics
Label: fidel bastro

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