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  EMISSION DU 29/03/2020

Artiste Track Album Label

1 the church of hysteria ghosts of things ears of hell autoproduction

2 french alps tiger floor is lava floor is lava phwoar & peace

3 spyrodon pouring mud medusa pond autoproduction

4 gold cage what is left social crutch felte

5 moonblinded stained letter negated awareness autoproduction

6 kris and tavi cat´s eye nebula cat´s eye nebula autoproduction

7 girdle marzipan demo autoproduction

8 the walking korpses steel pigments all save and dead static age musik

9 document the spy who came in from the cold the spy who came in from the cold autoproduction

10 sorry as the sun sets 925 domino

11 razor braids nashville nashville autoproduction

11 sachet arncliffe babylon nets tenth court

12 the klubs robot cult party, pt2: bow down autoproduction

13 psychotic lumberjacks knapus knapus autoproduction

13 spyrodon time honoured lips medusa pond autoproduction

14 gold cage shadows social crutch felte

15 päfgens ootd der abgesagte flug nach new york autoproduction

17 whitenoise superstar thunderstorm whitenoise superstar hjördis-britt aström

18 home counties redevelopment redevelopment autoproduction

19 flat worms the aughts antartica drag city

20 fleuves noirs anxio aero uno bien chez soi (lesgestesbarrière) autoproduction

21 kooba tercu qasan proto tekno rocket

22 bengal boss ass bitch shiv wild goose chase

23 nape neck the gate nape neck autoproduction

24 terminator papaya terminator autoproduction

25 scottibrains aristorats aristorats speedy wunderground

26 gold cage spaghettify social crutch felte

27 spyrodon genius people medusa pond autoproduction

Artiste: spyrodon
Album: medusa pond
Label: autoproduction

Artiste: gold cage
Album: social crutch
Label: felte

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