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  EMISSION DU 08/03/2020

Artiste Track Album Label

1 radar & satellite slow & steady warmer milk autoproduction

2 lo seal rogosa schijf autoproduction

3 lithics hands tower of age trouble in mind

4 the nag! 4dot2 compact music autoproduction

5 the stroppies holes in everything look alive! tough love

6 yellow sunshine explosion air v/a: crossing the cosmic void aumega project

7 somewhere the sunset v/a: rilev / somewhere split stupid decisions

8 the yaupon holly something that you shouldn´t the yaupon holly autoproduction

9 hallelujah! champagne wanna dance maple death

10 radar men from the moon eden in reverse the bestial light fuzz club

11 king weapon neath after king weapon autoproduction

11 king weapon tare king weapon autoproduction

12 king weapon airs and black king weapon autoproduction

13 slag heaps glayton´s wicked trip slag heaps cluster-park

13 blóm be kind flower violence box

14 the nag! 5555 compact music autoproduction

15 ovo queer fight miasma artoffact

17 fly pan am bleeding decay c´est ça constellation

18 putan club bo me tao filles de mai toten schwan

19 moodie black hawk vs vulture nausea dora dorovitch

20 full of hell thundering hammers weeping choir relapse

21 hypnodrone ensemble restabilization plays orchestral favourites wolves and vibrancy

22 facs casual indifference void moments trouble in mind

23 cult leader curse of satisfaction a patient man deathwish

24 ph rock and roll future eternal hayden svart

24 cloud rat seven heads pollinator artoffact

25 old time relijun i know i´m alive see now and know k

27 helms alee beat up noctiluca sargent house

28 the nag! 4dot9 compact music autoproduction

Artiste: the nag!
Album: compact music
Label: autoproduction


Artiste: king weapon
Album: king weapon
Label: autoproduction
Track(s): neath after / tare / airs and black

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