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  EMISSION DU 27/10/2019

Artiste Track Album Label

1 total victory flower in my hair set controls for the heart of the pendle evening economies

2 slumb party all these boxes spending money drunken sailor

3 dog and pony show too late dog and pony show autoproduction

4 human rites 6 barbs birth autoproduction

5 tan cologne cave vaults on the moon in new mexico cave vaults on the moon in new mexico labrador

6 l´loop valleys valleys autoproduction

7 low hummer i choose live news i choose live news dance to the radio

8 t b n gondoland t b n 5 star limo

9 those fucking snowflakes stop being dickheads to each other u ok hun? autoproduction

10 static daydream just walk away cracked inside custom made music

11 reamer force reamer autoproduction

11 good gestalt catharsis demo autoproduction

12 tenants sister stations autoproduction

13 pinko spit on the house you & you hex

13 dog and pony show brume dog and pony show autoproduction

14 human rites five golden rules of the ocean birth autoproduction

15 the gonks i´m a lonely night driver five things you didn´t know about the gonks rocks in your head

17 soumbalgwang gwangan surf gwangan surf autoproduction

18 emergency contact epilogue ep 4 autoproduction

18 dead horse one saudade the west is the best requiem pour un twister

19 nyos curiosity curiosity autoproduction

20 harpon attelage béji rejuvenation

21 drache referendum skeet shooting katatak

22 part chimp the saturn superstition iv rock action

22 bodies backsliding pt. 1 & 2 imago verlagend autoproduction

22 youff quaaludes if wishes were horses, homicidal beggars could ride autoproduction

22 dog and pony show pushing and pushing dog and pony show autoproduction

22 human rites king birth autoproduction

Artiste: dog and pony show
Album: dog and pony show
Label: autoproduction

Artiste: human rites
Album: birth
Label: autoproduction

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