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  EMISSION DU 22/09/2019

Artiste Track Album Label

1 deliluh lickspittle (a nut in the paste) beneath the floors tin angel

2 ogdens´ plastic axe decay autoproduction

3 girl band going norway the talkies rough trade

4 rev rev rev gate of the dark female kykeon fuzz club

5 white shape tumbleweed perfect dark cardinal fuzz

6 echoplain this is echoplain atypeek music

7 deep half shekel for the gatekeeper fanny pack hate crime autoproduction

8 tunic nylon nylon autoproduction

8 back sand push it away around the sun autoproduction

9 black sand lord don´t forget me around the sun autoproduction

10 black sand chase the sun around the sun autoproduction

11 lozenge tropical parasite lozenge autoproduction

11 patti color kill good big erste theke tontraeger

12 girl band couch combover the talkies rough trade

13 rev rev rev sealand kykeon fuzz club

13 drahla godstar godstar captured tracks

14 vision 3d party vision 3d six tonnes de chair

15 mind rays maker´s remorse course of action pnkslm

17 love of consolation vivid in my mind live in pieces autoproduction

18 radiant miss meteor miss meteor autoproduction

18 the lautreamonts the ones we wore who are you wearing? efusiva

19 blank veins both sides with the ashes estranged communications

19 buildings bear the dog negative sound antena krzyku

20 humanist english ghosts english ghosts ignition

21 les big byrd snö-golem snö-golem pnkslm

22 girl band prefab castle the talkies rough trade

22 rev rev rev spots in a dice kykeon fuzz club

Artiste: rev rev rev
Album: kykeon
Label: fuzz club

Artiste: girl band
Album: the talkies
Label: rough trade


Artiste: back sand
Album: around the sun
Label: autoproduction
Track(s): push it away

Artiste: black sand
Album: around the sun
Label: autoproduction
Track(s): lord don´t forget me / chase the sun

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