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  EMISSION DU 14/07/2019

Artiste Track Album Label

1 positronix a new england demo autoproduction

2 black mekon immunity destroy nostalgia pnkslm

3 eyesore & jinx on an island on an island eggy

4 no sister my new carreer influence autoproduction

5 bengal i can´t face a autoproduction

6 dry cleaning magic of meghan sweet princess autoproduction

7 moe how does it feel la bufa conrad sound

8 sutphin vomit date medicine machine autoproduction

8 village wives spicy joel 2017.5 autoproduction

9 viralux salem nights hex fuzz autoproduction

10 the sun´s evil twin the long strange trip to the sun here comes the sun captain beefart

11 prettiest eyes summer in la vol. 3 castle face

11 proto idiot fed up of being stupid find out for themselves third uncle

12 treeboy & arc concept concept speedy wunderground

13 le prince harry traire bart de wever be your own enemy teenage menopause

13 decibelles j´aime trop mon clito rock français deaf rock

14 drahla serenity useless coordinates captured tracks

15 lewsberg terrible lewsberg autoproduction

17 yôkaï euonymous yökaï humpty dumpty

18 vi!vi!vi! keiji iii -

18 qujaku kagamie qujaku so i buried

19 little prince the letter babetown autoproduction

19 johnnie carwash forever yours mom is a punk! autoproduction

20 protruders hydrophytol poison future feel it

21 uzeda blind quocumque jeceris stabit overdrive

21 ramleh the twitch the great unlearning entropy

21 morze droga kreta i przez las 1spo (sax) j cut zgrzyty autoproduction

22 firstwife it is a sword i forged alone firswife autoproduction

22 somesurprises high rise somesurprises drawing room

22 autolapse outward soft reverse shadow
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