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  EMISSION DU 26/05/2019

Artiste Track Album Label

1 liines on and on on and on reckless yes

2 the gotobeds slang words debt begins at 30 sub pop

3 yc-cy the state of the human body béton brut x-mist

4 enablers cha cha cha zones exile on mainstream

5 just mustard october frank // october pizza pizza

6 the melancholies rising rising autoproduction

7 the grasshopper lies heavy crocodile tears collection i autoproduction

8 lost talk goat jokes tenterhooks autoproduction

8 safe word human waste safe word autoproduction

9 crushed up better half crushed up autoproduction

10 sunlotus picturesque this old house héma

11 hygiene bring back british rail private sector upset the rhythm

11 cassels a snowflake in winter a snowflake in winter big scary monsters

12 nice guy hooker´s heartbeat silhouette horrible room

13 yc-cy surface & structures - no colors béton brut x-mist

13 enablers squint zones exile on mainstream

14 death and vanilla mercier are you dreamer? fire

15 xond death caps for cuties music for sociopaths & mushroom heads autoproduction

17 the cosmics drained drained autoproduction

18 the paranoyds hungry sam hungry sam suicide squeeze

18 urochromes hair so big trope house wharf cat

19 cherubs sooey pig immaculada high relapse

19 pelican cold hope nighttime stories southern lord

20 milk tv here they come (demo tape) autoproduction

20 enablers in mccullin´s photography zones exile on mainstream

20 yc-cy decolonization & mass consumption béton brut x-mist

Artiste: enablers
Album: zones
Label: exile on mainstream

Artiste: yc-cy
Album: béton brut
Label: x-mist

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