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  EMISSION DU 14/04/2019

Artiste Track Album Label

1 the mumzees arcane love affair void feeling autoproduction

2 milpool mydriasis down autoproduction

3 la jungle hey ha hey ha past // middle age // future rockerill

4 the gluts swamp dengue fever hypnotic trip fuzz club

5 mote awesome wells samalas autoproduction

6 l´épée dreams dreams a

7 hafner qualifying offer long in the tooth aklasan

8 whep bug welp autoproduction

8 dead arms apocalypse yow simply dead hominid sounds

9 westkust swebeach westkust luxury

10 westkust daylight westkust luxury

11 westkust junior westkust luxury

11 the cold vein science of wet blanketry duivelsmachine autoproduction

12 the murder capital feeling fades feeling fades human season

13 la jungle the boring age past // middle age // future rockerill

13 the gluts leviathan dengue fever hypnotic trip fuzz club

14 der blutharsch and the infinite church of leading hand he is here wish i weren´t here wkn

15 bad timing complicit night as well be cabbage autoproduction

17 fontaines d.c. hurricane laughter dogrel partisan

18 ted raver´s magic family lilac bloom rainbow machine autoproduction

18 enob hyper hibou la fosse aux débiles cheap satanism

19 guili guili goulag nouvel ordre mondial moquette saint-arnould 3018 cheap satanism

19 la jungle the knight the doom past // middle age // future rockerill

20 the gluts j. wil fuck you now dengue fever hypnotic trip fuzz club

Artiste: the gluts
Album: dengue fever hypnotic trip
Label: fuzz club

Artiste: la jungle
Album: past // middle age // future
Label: rockerill


Artiste: westkust
Album: westkust
Label: luxury
Track(s): swebeach / daylight / junior

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