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  EMISSION DU 25/11/2018

Artiste Track Album Label

1 stove duckling fantasy ´s favorite friend exploding in sound

2 exit group cruel fog adverse habitat castle face

3 tense men no logical ideal meals autoproduction

4 lost talk cheap grimes symbol/signal spooky

5 stress novelty demos autoproduction

5 the veins harrowing the veins groovecult

6 the leadrs waste nail biter autoproduction

7 el yunque druimte baskenland stabwaf

8 the feral young the beat i haven´t seen myself in a while kaos control

8 videoiid go away (deleuze) videoiid gaffer

9 star flesh eating mothers violence against star autoproduction

10 astrobrite gone v/a: static waves 7 saint marie

11 sugar violets 215 215 autoproduction

11 rakta rodeados pela beleza oculto pelos seres la vida es un mus

11 zrn cherry leaves fulle body mirror autoproduction

12 lost talk spotless temperament symbol/signal spooky

12 tense men character crash ideal meals autoproduction

12 melk the g6-49 burst into song you mountains melk the g6-49 joyful noise

12 abner trio godzilla distant thunder of the sacred force joyful noise

12 man at arms a waste of time and space the trial joyful noise

13 valina bellydancer a tempo! a tempo! joyful noise

13 child bite age of vacuum trotters the living breathing organ summer joyful noise

13 son lux ransom lanterns joyful noise

13 half japanese do it nation overjoyed joyful noise

14 dumb numbers my mantra dumb numbers ii joyful noise

15 david yow split series w david lynch, melvins, david yow bridal mess joyful noise

15 joan of arc he´s got the whole this land is your land in his hands this must be the placenta joyful noise

17 revok a morbid assault in an indecent exposure bad books and empty pasts denovali

18 tense men bitter clutch ideal meals autoproduction

18 lost talk it waits symbol/signal spooky

Artiste: tense men
Album: ideal meals
Label: autoproduction

Artiste: lost talk
Album: symbol/signal
Label: spooky

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