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  EMISSION DU 04/11/2018

Artiste Track Album Label

1 terry for the field i´m terry upset the rhythm

2 kinski guest girl vocalist accustomed to your face kill rock stars

3 punching swans aerola face faces skingasm

4 hikikomori comfortable fat earthly hangups baby tooth

5 black sand endless blue endless blue autoproduction

5 avc faible 5 demo autoproduction

6 don vito special guest comment ça va light my fire head

7 eric in the kitchen yayayaya yayayaya autoproduction

8 palm haze tangy dream tangy dream young heavy souls

8 palm haze drop in drop in autoproduction

9 palm haze wildflower wildflower autoproduction

10 geinus chicargo keeper autoproduction

11 conduit to the tower drowning world kitschy spirit

11 winona dryver sadness overdrive demo autoproduction

11 hikikomori sauna earthly hangups baby tooth

12 punching swans cliff face faces skingasm

12 big sexy noise god is a bullett big sexy noise sartorial

12 facs just a mirror negative houses trouble in mind

12 samsara blues experiment army of ignorance long distance trip world in sound

12 endless boogie taking out the trash long island no quarter

12 shooting guns act v - sacrifice nosferatu live score cardinal fuzz

13 punching swans grater face faces skingasm

13 hikikomori borrowed interest earthly hangups baby tooth

Artiste: hikikomori
Album: earthly hangups
Label: baby tooth

Artiste: punching swans
Album: faces
Label: skingasm


Artiste: palm haze
Album: drop in
Label: autoproduction
Track(s): drop in

Artiste: palm haze
Album: wildflower
Label: autoproduction
Track(s): wildflower

Artiste: palm haze
Album: tangy dream
Label: young heavy souls
Track(s): tangy dream

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