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  EMISSION DU 21/10/2018

Artiste Track Album Label

1 chew magna plenary white hotel autoproduction

2 swallow the rat shifting sand swallow the rat headbump

3 exhalants latex exhalants self sabotage

4 asbest driven driven a tree in a field

5 tess parks & anton newcombe grunewald right on a

5 lights that change tomorrows door sonicodia 72rpm

6 juice girls milk me tall juice girls autoproduction

7 silent front overmorrow three triple jump

8 sky:lark carson wells skylark 3 superfi

8 sudden infant 228 buddhist nihilism harbinger sound

9 victime dodo-premonition mi-tronc, mi-jambe october tone

10 flirting yum this would be funny if it were happening to anyone but me hidden bay

11 fun fare chinese walls chinese walls späti palace

11 asbest chain reaction driven a tree in a field

11 exhalants false (st)art exhalants self sabotage

12 la jungle technically you are dead ii black basset

12 von stroheim in her loneliness sing for blood navalorama

12 thisquietarmy seismic waves the body and the earth consouling sounds

12 tuscoma boxlife arkhitecturenominus antena krzyku

12 bambara the door between her teeth shadow on everything wharf cat

12 magic shoppe heroin in parallel cardinal fuzz

12 all sparks burn out painful paths ceremonies for the lost autoproduction

12 big´n snake eater knife of sin computer students

12 trigger cut blind buster autoproduction

12 exhalants bow yr head exhalants self sabotage

12 asbest they kill driven a tree in a field

Artiste: asbest
Album: driven
Label: a tree in a field

Artiste: exhalants
Album: exhalants
Label: self sabotage

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