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  EMISSION DU 03/06/2018

Artiste Track Album Label

1 drahla twelve divisions of the day twelve divisions of the day captured tracks

2 art trip and the static sound kerplunk a week of kindness fiasco

3 cosmic thoughts council work night out hot salvation

4 ceremony franklin bade east coast autoproduction

5 theeunforeseen atlas blow out sore dreams

5 noughts skew skew autoproduction

6 cassels when completing handshakes when completing handshakes big scary monsters

6 dune rats dalai lama big banana marijuana dune rats ratbag

7 dune rats lola dune rats ratbag

8 dune rats drugs dune rats ratbag

8 idles colossus colossus partisan

9 landowner moving again blatant born yesterday

10 firefriend surface to air yellow spider autoproduction

11 ceremony fuck you sunshine east coast autoproduction

11 cosmic thoughts living wage work night out hot salvation

11 bardo pond slip away batholith three lobed

12 big ups two parts together two parts together exploding in sound

12 slim cessna´s auto club all about the bullfrog in three verses cipher alternative tentacles

12 banane metalik strip or die nice to meat you killer bananas

12 belly button all i need bleat belly button social club

12 dopethrone tap runner dark foil totem cat

12 distorted pony dollar pizza instant winner trance syndicate

12 moe wild horses examination of the eye of a horse wallace

12 ceremony want more east coast autoproduction

12 cosmic thoughts notifications work night out hot salvation

Artiste: ceremony
Album: east coast
Label: autoproduction

Artiste: cosmic thoughts
Album: work night out
Label: hot salvation


Artiste: dune rats
Album: dune rats
Label: ratbag
Track(s): dalai lama big banana marijuana / lola / drugs

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