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  EMISSION DU 29/04/2018

Artiste Track Album Label

1 telechrome consolidated debt consolidated debt autoproduction

2 yass finch two song seven inch x-mist

3 bunuel the hammer the coffin the easy way out goodfellas

4 say sue me let it begin where we were together damnably

5 rei clone knee socks v/a: better now/rei clone/crabe legs/smith + robot split dirty needle

5 since always we still know how to dream we still know how to dream autoproduction

6 girls in synthesis tainted we might not make tomorrow blank editions

6 it it anita another canceled mission another canceled mission vicious circle

7 blood built empire murder math when the seas turn dark autoproduction

8 nunofyrbeeswax flaming creatures music don´t matter cruel nature

8 mud on my bra tarantula man spanaway ep den tapes

9 marbled eye leisure promo tape 2018 erste theke tonträger

10 gnod paper error just say no to the psycho right-wing capitalist fascist industrial death machine rocket

11 bunuel a sorrowful night the easy way out goodfellas

11 say sue me b lover where we were together damnably

11 kiss my jazz burn in hell doc´s place friday evening heavenhotel

12 dead man ray ww3 berchem heavenhotel

12 lionel horowitz and his combo penguin au bain marie heavenhotel

12 gore slut stumble (2) above the lisa drugstore heavenhotel

12 sunday afternoon soundsystem featuring sue daniels candy paris heavenhotel

12 i love sarah inbev awoe v/a: i love sarah / tip toe topic split heavenhotel

12 tip toe topic electric ant tip toe topic heavenhotel

12 pox no more on your house heavenhotel

12 tape cuts tape petrol blue pagan recorder heavenhotel

12 angels die hard blue mamba angels die hard heavenhotel

12 bunuel the sanction the easy way out goodfellas

12 say sue me coming to the end where we were together damnably

12 au revoir sinking veles elusive sound

Artiste: say sue me
Album: where we were together
Label: damnably

Artiste: bunuel
Album: the easy way out
Label: goodfellas

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