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  EMISSION DU 18/03/2018

Artiste Track Album Label

1 table scraps always right autonomy zen ten

2 scottibrains sustained threat sustained threat speedy wunderground

3 typical hunks jonathan we are typical hunks and so are you doubledotdash!?

4 fox medicine glitter alien greetings from mars autoproduction

5 parlor walls low vulture exo northern spy

5 wives white dogs doomsday black wire

6 nest egg long night outside nothingness is not a cube fuzz club

6 siamese slaughterhouse code one swirl

7 goonbomb listen listen swirl

8 burnside mums drive out of town drive out of town swirl

8 gnod donovan´s daughters chapel perilous rocket

9 fox medicine stars greetings from mars autoproduction

10 typical hunks proper detective we are typical hunks and so are you doubledotdash!?

10 komplikations my hood humans rockstar

11 onmens whining cross witruimte sideburn

11 rhys bloodjoy broken window broken window sister 9

11 dirt music go to the distance bu bir ruya glitterbeat

12 why the eye? free gluten why the eye? plynt

12 vanishing twin vota ubu dream by numbers soundway

12 tomaga fist to fist memory in vivo exposure hands in the dark

12 terminal cheesecake the winding path dandelion sauce of the ancients box

12 zombie zombie ils existent... livity versatile

12 fox medicine gold mine greetings from mars autoproduction

12 typical hunks cry wolf we are typical hunks and so are you doubledotdash!?

Artiste: fox medicine
Album: greetings from mars
Label: autoproduction

Artiste: typical hunks
Album: we are typical hunks and so are you
Label: doubledotdash!?


Artiste: burnside mums
Album: drive out of town
Label: swirl
Track(s): drive out of town

Artiste: goonbomb
Album: listen
Label: swirl
Track(s): listen

Artiste: siamese
Album: code one
Label: swirl
Track(s): slaughterhouse

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