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  EMISSION DU 11/02/2018

Artiste Track Album Label

1 fontaine d.c. chequeless reckless boys in the better land autoproduction

2 lazybones snake snake deaf ray

3 marriage + cancer honour, on your knees marriage + cancer self sabotage

4 psychic lemon exit to the death lane frequency rhythm distortion delay tonzonen

5 the altered hours over the void on my tongue art for blind

5 glove smoker smoker autoproduction

6 beta boys brick walls brick walls total punk

6 psyblings sand sand psymmetry

7 psyblings become a pattern sand psymmetry

8 psyblings rocking horse sand psymmetry

8 the turin horse the regret song the turin horse shove

8 yc-cy kepler-452b todestanz x-mist

9 burning house i am a tree tracer autoproduction

10 cordurouy dream fleshtone fleshtone autoproduction

10 psychic lemon hey droog! frequency rhythm distortion delay tonzonen

11 marriage + cancer headache marriage + cancer self sabotage

11 poster children grand bargain grand bargain lotuspool

11 annabel lee period sex wallflowers luik

12 prince robot rambo country post-apocalyptic dancehall blues autoproduction

12 le réveil des tropiques synchrotron big bang musicfearsatan

12 twin oaks felt like dying living rooms autoproduction

12 bonne aparte piss scalps luik

12 madensuyu one more time current unday

12 psychic lemon interstellar fuzz star frequency rhythm distortion delay tonzonen

12 marriage + cancer six feet + a box marriage + cancer self sabotage

Artiste: marriage + cancer
Album: marriage + cancer
Label: self sabotage

Artiste: psychic lemon
Album: frequency rhythm distortion delay
Label: tonzonen


Artiste: psyblings
Album: sand
Label: psymmetry
Track(s): sand / become a pattern / rocking horse

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