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  EMISSION DU 28/01/2018

Artiste Track Album Label

1 the fall my ex-classmates´ kids are you are missing winner cog sinister

2 tomason dianna names: volume 1 autoproduction

3 death pedals i am a loser death pedals hominid sounds

4 dead vibrations marbles dead vibrations fuzz club

5 russian baths slenderman penance good eye

5 shitkid yooouuu this is it punk slime

6 pig flayer inside out life alert quality time

6 shy talk warlord of the dance warlord of the dance box

7 bib pressure ii moshpit pop wig

8 king woman i wanna be adored i wanna be adored relapse

8 insect ark sea harps marrow hymns profound lore

8 a shape extreme unction inlands jelodanti

9 sextile crisis albeit living felte

10 death pedals backhander death pedals hominid sounds

10 dead vibrations void dead vibrations fuzz club

11 below the sea tropic of cancer the loss of our winter where are my

11 rroselicoeur the dark side of johan l drachenhöhle where are my

11 epic 45 i´m getting to young for this against the pull of autumn where are my

12 batyscaphe brise glace -11034m where are my

12 readymade nov30 all the plans resting where are my

12 the fatales islands of fortune great surround where are my

12 parallel lines ∞ 4 infinity where are my

12 big fat lukum nelson mandala small light kebab autoproduction

12 death car princess don´t stop until it burns don´t stop until it burns autoproduction

12 death pedals lower death pedals hominid sounds

12 dead vibrations in habits dead vibrations fuzz club

Artiste: dead vibrations
Album: dead vibrations
Label: fuzz club

Artiste: death pedals
Album: death pedals
Label: hominid sounds

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