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  EMISSION DU 09/07/2017

Artiste Track Album Label

1 casual sect mohair fetish the static seekers hominid sounds

2 jock tears weird date v/a: quarter life crisis mint

3 taiwan housing project authentic alien perfume veblen death mask kill rock stars

4 buzzooko love is indie hair giza retrovox

5 violet mud terra red lozeri

5 late spring monsoon song trembly fog agony klub

6 your favorite enemies underneath a blooming skylight between illness and migration - tokyo sessions hopeful tragedy

6 cocaine piss ugly face on the dancer hypertension

7 king khan and the shrines born to die idles no more merge

8 warehouse sound bath melting pink afterimage autoproduction

8 arrows of love come with me product: your soundtrack to the impeding societal collapse pledge music

8 uniform the killing of america wake in fright sacred bones

8 mario batkovic quatere mario batkovic invada

8 ulrika spacek full of men modern english decoration tough love

8 usé respire chien d´la casse born bad

9 buzzooko p.s.h giza retrovox

10 sleep loan sharks love in bangkok 2 love kills autoproduction

10 taiwan housing project what it´s all about (inadvertent ode to the mind of hellion) veblen death mask kill rock stars

11 simulators pilot star eyes autoproduction

11 the fireworks we´ve been wasting time dream about you opposite number

11 debbie downer why are you so mad at me you know you´re wrong effortless crush

12 yi not so dead ep1 hand drawn dracula

12 buzzooko the riot giza retrovox

12 locean disco? object?/?disco autoproduction

12 taiwan housing project veblen death mask veblen death mask kill rock stars

Artiste: taiwan housing project
Album: veblen death mask
Label: kill rock stars

Artiste: buzzooko
Album: giza
Label: retrovox


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