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  EMISSION DU 21/05/2017

Artiste Track Album Label

1 breakfast muff r u a feminist eurgh! amour foo

2 suspirians nocturne ti bon ange super secret

3 a shape magnetic sun inlands jelodanti

4 bysts need offer your throat autoproduction

5 swap babies touched furnished man dubious

5 deep in the ice la belle époque v/a: gazing into the sun shoegazer sanctuary

6 disjoy divided red sky pretty hate

6 part chimp ro ro iv rock action

7 super thief i don´t know about you or your band stuck autoproduction

8 nite fields pay for strangers depersonalisation felte

8 nite fields come down depersonalisation felte

8 nite fields prescription depersonalisation felte

8 new tongues gentle release dark/light expert work

8 el yunque cinder boxes stabwaf

8 a shape i can´t sleep inlands jelodanti

9 bysts night offer your throat autoproduction

10 invisible threads isle of dead isle of dead autoproduction

10 usa nails piling up sell sell sell ep sad tapes

11 massis angst hellhole autoproduction

11 blessed headache ii kingfisher bluez

11 total victory the public weighbridge english martyrs specific

12 devilish dear time to live a little these sunny days midsummer madness

12 daysee dust bunny splash autoproduction

12 overlake goodbye fall bar none

12 afrirampo nakimushikemushi goodbye! kore ga mayaku da tzadik

12 a shape ation inlands jelodanti

12 bysts killer on the road offer your throat autoproduction

Artiste: bysts
Album: offer your throat
Label: autoproduction

Artiste: a shape
Album: inlands
Label: jelodanti


Artiste: nite fields
Album: depersonalisation
Label: felte
Track(s): pay for strangers / come down / prescription

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