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  EMISSION DU 07/05/2017

Artiste Track Album Label

1 the intelligence service school me trangressors herisa

2 toyzanne maps maps autoproduction

3 the gluts controller estasi fuzz club

4 tombouctou pedalo ceiling coast carogna

5 shifting spudgasm v/a: shifting / gummidge split 7" permafrost

5 zrn deep end swim across the floor

6 slow crush sway ease flood

6 lab coast for now lab coast faux discx

7 lab coast as usual lab coast faux discx

8 lab coast missed ache remember the moon wyatt

8 peeling away from you 7 years of blood buzz

8 annabel lee period sex wallflowers luik

8 la jungle thylacine v/a: la jungle / lysistrata rockerill

8 the gluts squirrel estasi fuzz club

8 tombouctou wrong direction ceiling coast carogna

9 uniform tabloid wake in fright sacred bones

10 meat wave the incessant the incessant side one dummy

10 dÿse supermachineeyeon lieder sind brüder der revolution exile on mainstream

11 man forever with percussion ryonen ryonen thrill jockey

11 uzul prod mostar travelling without moving expressillon

11 ruins alone jemvlesqapp ruins alone skin graft

12 yawning man stoney lonesome rock formations alone

12 cellular chaos it kills myself diamond teeth clenched skin graft

12 tombouctou nail ceiling coast carogna

12 the gluts ponytail estasi fuzz club

Artiste: tombouctou
Album: ceiling coast
Label: carogna

Artiste: the gluts
Album: estasi
Label: fuzz club


Artiste: lab coast
Album: lab coast
Label: faux discx
Track(s): for now / as usual

Artiste: lab coast
Album: remember the moon
Label: wyatt
Track(s): missed ache

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